What’s the corporate culture like at Cape Reserve?

Imagine a place that took care of people; that took care of their clients and believed in treating customers with integrity and honesty. Imagine a company where the greatest asset was their team. We believe and have all of those ideals. Envisioning a career at the Cape Reserve? You can expect the following 4 attributes in our culture:

  1. Hard work should always be recognized and rewarded
  2. Promotions and growth be solely based on performance
  3. Travel and networking should be done quarterly
  4. Team building and bonding activities create and strengthen team unity

When you picture where you want to commit your life’s work, it should be somewhere where you truly want to go to work daily. Somewhere where checking the clock is obsolete and your co-workers are more like family than someone you share desk space with. Not many corporate atmospheres promote growth focused on work ethic and ambition, but those are the cornerstones of our business.  We have a high-energy, ambitious and growing group of professionals who make what we do a career, not just a job.

Cape Reserve is a great match for individuals looking to shine in the marketing and sales industry or looking to gain leadership and management expertise. Due to high demand from our client to help develop their telecommunication service nationally, we will be branching out to additional locations this year, With this expansion, there comes room in our firm’s exclusive Management Training Program.

Know more:

Our office has reopened and with the safety of our team members and customers at the forefront of our minds, we are actively complying with all CDC guidelines. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.